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The benefits of teletherapy:

  • Think Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype with confidential content

  • Get therapy where you are/youth is, whether it’s at home, office, staff lounge, or grandma’s house on vacation… (best on a computer, not phone)

  • Others report that they like doing therapy in their loungewear 

  • No travel time to and from the office

  • I see my own therapist via Teletherapy so I know first hand that it works well. I like the convenience and I find that it's more professionally ‘casual’ than being in a physical office.

And during the COVID-19 crisis, most therapists are using teletherapy to continue the work with their clients.

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What has research shown?

  • Teletherapy is a subcategory of Telemedicine that has been happening since the early 90’s 

  • In the late 1990’s - now, the government supported a boom in research studies to understand and set up regulations for telemedicine

  • Massive studies* have shown that teletherapy is an effective form of therapy, providing similar results as in-office sessions

  • Teletherapy can assess and address a wide number of issues

*Read more about the research studies here

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What to expect in teletherapy?

​I use a mental health software program called ‘Simple Practice’ designed to provide HIPAA privacy, everything becomes encrypted to protect the session, your electronic health record, online bookings, etc.

Both of us need somewhere private with access to internet and computer (not phone*).


If you are interested, I offer a free 15-min. Teletherapy session to get you familiar with it and potentially kick off the work together (for youth, this would be a brief parent meeting).

*If you only have access to a phone please let me know ahead of time so we can switch to a phone session

Click here to schedule your free
15-minute introduction to
me & teletherapy

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