Hi… I’m Dr. Julie Hartman… everyone calls me Julie.

I have over 20 years of experience with the bonds that mothers make with their children and those benefits to the child. I worked with kids, teens, and young adults. In addition to my private practice, I founded the Mindful Resource Center (MRC). I’m now taking that focus into my updated private practice, ‘Therapy with Moms’. I have the passion and know-how for elevating Mom’s emotional well-being.

When I'm not writing professional books, creating courses, or taking care of my health, I enjoy the outdoors, my 2 kids and dog, and spending time at home watching Netflix and reading books.

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The benefits of choosing me as your therapist:

  • I’m a mom too, so trust me… I get it.

  • I love therapy - it opens up paths for well-being

  • I use teletherapy for convenience and effectiveness

  • I see a teletherapy therapist myself for my own well-being

  • I have vast experience with helping to improve Mom’s quality of life

  • I have many tools to customize our approach to YOUR needs


Education & Experience

Where I come from…


I chose a doctoral education at the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University in 1996 due to the program's child and adult attachment, youth and family life emphasis which served as the unifying core of my training.


I learned early on about the neuroscience of humans…


Humans are 'pack' animals. We 'tend and befriend', live and function in groups and are highly distracted when relationships are strained (including relationships with ourselves!)… and that's because our biological, evolutionary roots not only help us to thrive... but survive in this vulnerable human race. 


So to be as helpful as I could in my Psychologist evolution, I simply had to be mentored by some of the best in the field…


I added into my doctoral education a simultaneous year-long specialized training in Moms' Responses to Their Babies’ Cries at Stanford University.


A year later, I gained an additional and simultaneous year-long once-in-a-lifetime training from one of THE leading Attachment specialists via UC Berkeley.


I was also thrilled to learn from one of the Pioneers in Oxytocin research at UCSF the following year in another simultaneous year-long program (Oxytocin is the 'cuddle hormone' that shows up in every intimate interaction between humans - including pets - I'm apparently an Oxytocin junkie!).


I’ve also worked in school settings, adult therapy programs, group therapy settings, and hospitals.


My philosophy…


What if we treated stress the same way we treat a persistent cough or ear ache? No stigma, just a good relationship with your doc.


Well, I've come to this conclusion...


All Moms can benefit from a good relationship with a mental health doc like me.


Moms don’t just have kids and parenting in common, they have being a woman, being a daughter or sister, being a worker, a helper, a partner and friend…


I look at motherhood as involving many ROLES, as shown in the heart-shaped word cloud above. It’s any of these roles that can create great reward or great strain. Therapy can help Moms be in control of their roles in a satisfying way rather than their roles taking control of them.

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