One of MRC's first projects is focused on Raising Digitally-wise Kids. Digital choices are so fast, friendly and functional, we must ensure that we protect our brains and use them wisely. Dr. Hartman has partnered with her husband, Jon Hartman (10 years experience as a consultant/trainer with Apple, Inc) to help parents and youth connect both inside and outside the digital world such as parental controls, social media, creativity with devices and being a 'cyber hero'. With a focus on the attachment relationship and optimal brain health, MRC promotes the benefits of the digital world with a special emphasis on transforming power struggles into opportunities for closeness in the parent-child relationship.

Communicate with Peace and Presence

In all areas, ranging from the way Dr. Hartman delivers talks and conducts workshops to content in articles and products, MRC is immersed in the study and delivery of mindful communication. When we think about it, humans are communication creatures. Ranging from listening to speaking to all the subtle nonverbal communications, such as our facial expressions and the way we express emotion, we have the potential to impact each other greatly (for better or for worse). Some of our basic and even most profoud messages to each other may not be communicated and understood without enough peace and presence as the conduit. Like an electrical wire from pole to home, without the proper delivery system, there's way too much 'noise' or 'static' between us. MRC aims to help people communicate effectively... with peace and presence.

In our busy lives, many of us are suffering from excess anxiety. Many of the same evidence-based methods in therapy can be taught outside of therapy for managing that extra layer of anxiety that everyone experiences, whether it's about dating, life transitions, social life or that courage/fear ratio associated with new experiences. Think about a super-hero... handling adversity with strength and peace. How much better would your life be if you could manage your stress like a super-hero? Dr. Hartman offers several webinar and home study courses on healthy stress management (and associated anxiety management strategies). 

Managing Stress Like a Super-Hero

Wisdom in the Digital Age

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Consultation Services For Psychotherapists


Consultation boosts confidence, enhances expertise and provides the opportunities to strategize for best outcomes. Dr. Hartman provides consultation to psychotherapists about treatment, technique, professional practice, professional development and career evolution.


In many cases, a psychotherapist chooses to consult with Dr. Hartman for her particular techniques, style, or specialty areas:


individual therapy with children of all ages, parents and adults

  • Evidence/based techniques, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), ERP

  • Relatable neuropsychology, ways to help clients understand the roles of their brain in the change process

  • specialty with females (although Dr. Hartman also helps males)

  • Motivational Interviewing techniques

  • Solution-focused, short-term coaching

  • Professional identity development, career coaching

  • Mindfulness, attention-control techniques 


Specific to professional identity development/creating a successful clinical services career, Dr. Hartman consults emerging psychotherapy professionals about:

  • developing a professional identity which makes sense in a business plan

  • some of the nuts and bolts of becoming a professional practitioner

  • branding, website, marketing

  • consultation group: choosing the right one

  • private vs. agency work

  • and staying grounded during the process of figuring all of this out! 


Dr. Hartman provides individual consultation sessions for psychotherapists. She also provides 2 Consultation Groups for late training/early career psychotherapists: (1) Pediatric case consultation with a focus on attachment, neuropsychology, solution-oriented techniques and (2) professional identify development/career-building consultation.

For further inquires, please contact Dr. Hartman.

Year-long Training/Consultation Program

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