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Teen Stress Reduction Summer 'Camp'

Please note:

This  'camp' is designed for boys and girls 

without significant mental health challenges or impairments. 


Camp Registration Details:

Each session will be limited to 10 teens (ages 15 - 19)


Participants may sign up for one or both sessions

(repeat 'campers' will benefit from reinforcing concepts 

and there will be enough new material 

to keep it interesting and valuable). 



$700 per session (subscribe to recieve $100 coupon)

5, 90-minute 'camp classes'

Brief phone screening with parents

(teen may want to be included in call, but not necessary)

Participants will be provided with a healthy snack each day

Teens will receive binder to take home with concepts learned in classes 

The research-supported strategies we'll explore and practice are based on Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and neurobiology. Part classroom style and part outside activities, teens will have the opportunity to focus on how to efficiently and properly rest, refuel and reduce stress in their often stress-filled lives.



Mindfulness Excercises

(Listening, Walking, Body Scan)


Brain Education

(Focus, Attention, Fight or Flight, Anxiety, Self-Soothing)


Yoga Poses

(Stretching, Body Awareness, Relaxing)


Breathing Exercises

(Calm Breathing vs. Hyperventilation Breathing)


Course-Correcting Exercises

(Increasing Awareness and 'what to do' to re-align what matters)


Stress/Relaxation Vocabulary Exercises

Healthy ways to recognize and express stress/relaxation needs


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