Teen Coaching (ages 13 - 18)

"I'm ready to learn ways to manage my ADD."

"I want help falling asleep more easily."

"My daughter changed schools, she's doing well but wants help making new friends."

Congrats on exploring the role of coaching in your teen's well-being! Dr. Hartman wishes that in an ideal world, EVERY CHILD would have a 'wellness coach'. She has one... it's awesome for growing and manifesting your dreams!


Coaching is different than therapy. Coaching is often focused on solutions, dreams, life goals and performance enhancement. Therapy is often focused on healing, treatment and restoring functioning.


Some teens don't need therapy but coaching is a great resource for their wellness pursuits. Other teens will improve significantly via therapy, then transition to a coaching model.


Our MRC Clinicians are trained psychotherapists but are also trained to provide coaching under the appropriate circumstances. Coaching duration varies, sometimes just 1 session here and there, sometimes weekly for a few months, sometimes 10-session packages spread out as needed... lots of options.

What is Coaching?

  • Compassionate and confidential.

  • For people who are doing generally well, but desire to do even better.

  • Focuses on purpose, vision, and, strengths.

  • Focuses on health and well-being.

  • A coach is a sounding board, a confidante, a motivator, and a partner for developing strategies to bring out the best in you. Research shows that the most successful people require this support.

  • Coaching is more flexible than therapy, such as the use of phone calls and e-mail instead of or in addition to in-person sessions.

When coaching is for your teen:

  • When your teen needs help transitioning through a particular change.

  • When your teens seems 'in a rut' and want direction or clarity in your life.

  • When your teen needs support taking responsibility for something in his/her life (ADHD, LD, tutoring, habits).

  • When your teen needs support reaching health and fitness goals.

  • When your teen needs guidance with personal transformation.


Contact us to discuss the possibility of coaching for your teen.

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