Camps = Connection + Support

~ Led by Fun, 'Camp-y' Psychotherapists specializing in skills-based services for child/teen anxiety ~

 Therapeutic Skill-building Friendship Camps for Kids/Teens Who...

  • Have anxiety habits
  • Have activities or ideas that are limited by anxiety/fear
  • Get down about camp because it's too hard to manage all their stressed-out thoughts and feelings.
  • Spend so much time trying to avoid bad things that might happen that they don't get to enjoy as much of the good things that are happening.

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Therapeutic Skill-building Friendship Camp Will Help Your Child/Teen...

  • Get support 'stretching' their comfort zone so they have a shot at a more fulfilling and skill-building summer experience
  • Get more of that supportive attention to manage their anxiety and bring their fun, creative nature to making more friends at camp
  • Triumph over anxiety and fear so their summer activities and wishes can be realized
  • Develop stress management tools and relaxation techniques so they can accomplish their goals more effectively
  • Spend more time enjoying the good things happening in the present moment

**An intake is required for new clients**

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