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Let Your Eyes Be More Available

It's a biological fact: eye contact is our main conduit for emotional connection. Newborns "know" this instinctively, lovers do it all the time... even my Golden Retriever tries to lock eyes with me when it's passed his feeding time.

Whether it's to ask a co-worker a question, give your child a directive or to say "I love you", let your eyes be part of the talking. So next time you're trying to connect with someone, don't underestimate the power of present and available eye contact.

And for highest connectivity, make it an eye gaze - a gentle, lingering eye contact filled with purposeful positive regard.

Be open to 'see' what happens.

Dr. Julie Hartman is a licensed clinical psychologist and Founder of the Mindful Resource Center (MRC): She is a professional writer and speaker as well as leading and supporting programs that enhance brains and communities on topics such as Parenting Today, Communicating with Peace and Presence, Quieting the Stressed-out Mind and Raising Digitally-wise Kids.

(c) September 2014 Julie Hartman, PhD. All rights reserved.

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