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The Key To Family Harmony

Check out this lovely Quote Card from the Facebook page called "Parenting for Keeps".

Have you noticed this kind of proportion happening in your family life? It just might be easier to have harmony with others when we practice mindful attention to the health of our minds, hearts and bodies.

Try this:

- next time your family seems out of sync with each other, ask "is your mind feeling healthy? How about your body? Your heart? This might help cultivate habits to check in with these important matters as a pathway to restoring family harmony.

As a credit to the folks over at 'Parenting For Keeps', please check out their Facebook page and give them your 'like' and share their Quote Card. They're on a similar mission as MRC to help parents and children to connect in the most meaningful ways.

Dr. Julie Hartman is a licensed clinical psychologist and Founder of the Mindful Resource Center (MRC): She is a professional writer and speaker as well as leading and supporting programs that enhance brains and communities on topics such as Parenting Today, Communicating with Peace and Presence, Quieting the Stressed-out Mind and Raising Digitally-wise Kids.

(c) September 2014 Julie Hartman, PhD. All rights reserved.

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