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Want A Way To Picture Peace When Chaos Is Around You?

Imagine you are at the bottom of the ocean, resting comfortably on a spongy coral reef surrounded by the beauty of the sea.

It is quiet, still.

No current, just a gentle and serene sense of solitude. But then...

Imagine looking up to the surface of the ocean.

Outside, boats with tourists abound, seagulls dive for little fish... Maybe even cold rain is thundering down.

Just at the top of the surface, there are choppy waves, riptides, strong currents... a lot of chaos spinning and churning.

But you are deep below, quiet and peaceful, protected from the chaos.

This is what the research on mindfulness is demonstrating...

That despite the chaos going on around you, your Central Nervous System and circuitry can remain calm and relaxed. A way to experience a low-stress inner world despite the high stress lifestyles many of us lead.

MRC offers easy, digestible snippets of these low-stress skills. Webinars, talks and products to be announced soon!

Dr. Julie Hartman is a licensed clinical psychologist and Founder of the Mindful Resource Center (MRC): She is a professional writer and speaker as well as leading and supporting programs that enhance brains and communities on topics such as Parenting Today, Holding Stillness for Each Other™, Quieting the Stressed-out Mind and Raising Digitally-wise Kids.

(c) October 2013 Julie Hartman, PhD. All rights reserved.

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