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Regain Vitality, Reduce Compassion Fatigue 

"Compassion Fatigue: When people in care-taking and/or service-providing positions experience

significant reduction in their vitality and health (mental and physical) as a result of

 their best work being done through the 'heart'. " - Dr. Julie Hartman

Register here -- Thursday June 5, 2014 -- 6:00pm - 7:30pm -- San Rafael --$40/person


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“Having Julie come to Star Academy for the first day of staff orientation could not have been a better way to start off our year.


Her presentation on 'Avoiding Compassion Fatigue' was so simple and clear, so relevant, so important, that it resonated with all of our staff.


Julie helped us to recognize our own symptoms of Compassion Fatigue – a tool that will be incredibly useful as educators.


I love the idea of making Mindfulness a greater part of our everyday practices as educators, so that we can be emotionally present for our students all year long.


I love her philosophy and energy too!” 

- Annie Crowder,

Head of School, Star Academy

A near 'cousin' to burn-out, Parents, Educators, Nurses, Therapists, Doctors, Coaches, etc often find themselves 'running on empty' without the proper and specific recipe of what Dr. Hartman reminds about... 'refueling'. 


A few common symptoms of Compassion Fatigue (i.e. low to no fuel left):


- extra and easily-triggered irritability

- frequent illness

- poor sleep

- self-medicating (i.e. food, alcohol, internet)

- short-tempered

- low pleasure

- desire to 'escape' (i.e. quit, skip work)

- negative projections of the future


Might you have Compassion Fatigue?


If yes, unfortunately, these symptoms hurt both the caretaker/service provider AND the people the care for. Vacations rarely are enough to reduce it and without specific 'refueling' tools and practices, Compassion Fatigue can accumulate and worsen across time in stealthy and direct ways.


People who are in service to others DESERVE to be supported, protected and honored for their efforts. Come to this class to learn how to better create and receive the support, protection and honoring YOU deserve.


If it's likely you will need to continue in your role to giving the best from your heart and skills... this class will help you give yourself the quality of life you want in the process.


Dr. Hartman integrates her own brand of mindfulness, attachment, neuroscience, stress reduction and time-tested refueling approaches delivered in her light, playful and practical style.


Her goal is for participants to experience peace and replinishment in each class... she touts,  


"Participants tend to leave the class having already begun to embody the tools they're learning through the exercises we do, so it becomes less about 'doing stress-free tools' and more about 'being a self-replenishing source of Compassion and Care".


Space is limited. Advance payment required. Register here to reserve your spot.

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