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Professional Identity Development Workshop
Sat 5/21/16 11:00 - 1:30pm

For Advanced Interns & Early Career Psychotherapists

If you're considering this workshop, CONGRATULATIONS! Preparation helps get you to the next level... we had graduate school and supervisors to prepare us up to a point... then what?


*This workshop is Part 2 of a 6-part series. And please note: ALL workshops are designed to 'stand-alone' given substantial review of key concepts, but the content of each workshop accumulates to an overall set of tools and skills toward your professional identity development during this sensitive time in your career. So it's designed for you to benefit, whether you only take Part 2, start with Part 3 and take all 6 workshops or take Part 1 through 6 in sequential order.


Receive practical advice, a start (& expansion) to your custom 'road map' plus some essential 'insider tips' on HOW TO EMBODY the top qualities for making a living as a professional psychotherapist.


Come join Dr. Julie Hartman and our 'tribe' of like-minded go-getters! She is committed to help you DEVELOP YOUR PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY AND CLARIFY WHICH NEXT STEPS TO TAKE.



  • developing a professional identity which makes sense in a business plan

  • some of the nuts and bolts of becoming a professional practitioner

  • branding, website, marketing

  • supervision vs. consultation group

  • private vs. agency work

  • and staying grounded during the process of figuring all of this out!




  • ways to assert authority and convey your value (and get paid for it)

  • networking, building professional relationships

  • what's ok, not ok for 'selling yourself'

  • More steps on the ROADMAP are outlined (and build from review of the first steps from Part 1)


BONUS: Attend all 6 workshops and at the end (we'll keep track) you'll receive a Platinum MRC membership with access to free content on Professional Identity Development, Business Tips and private Networking Opportunities. It will be password-protected and only our Platiunum members will have access. MRC is growing rapidly, with potential employment opportunities as well as more consultation groups, 1:1 Consultation and classes... so we invite you to become a Platinum Member, attend our workshops, 'like' us on FB and refer your colleagues! For those of you who are the most engaged, Dr. Hartman will enroll you in a raffle to win a free 30-min consultation session and more to come! 


Don't just take our word for it... here's what others have to say:


"It's evident that her career flows from her soul and I think that must be why her work is so magnetic and successful. I will definitely look for other opportunities to learn from Dr. Hartman. "~ Abigail, MFT Intern


"Dr. Hartman is the answer for all of us who are in that 'in between' place that is so anxiety-provoking. She's that missing piece and her MRC offerings give us that concrete support, those professional, ethical and business techniques we need to put our training into practice... and make good money doing it. And I've been to her clinical trainings too. I know I'll go far with her in my corner." ~JoAnne, "done and studying for Licensing Exam"


"I feel as though I have more of a road map as a result of the training. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and I would absolutely love your guidance as I work on my launch into the world of professionalism." ~ Megan, MFT Intern


"The workshop was mostly new information for me. I've been to many on business plans and marketing, start-up stuff, but this was different. Better. More holistic from the inside-out. I'll definitely be attending more from Dr. Hartman." ~Genevieve, LMFT


This 2.5 hour workshop is led by Dr. Julie Hartman and like you, she proactively developed her professional identity as part of launching as a professional practitioner. It wasn't easy... and she wants to spare you from too much of the 'figure-it-out-as-you-go-and-hope-for-the-best'... so, using a tested set of methods, she developed a brand, marketing and networking methods... and as a result, she's built a thriving practice. She provides consultation and professional identity development for psychotherapists (and will be offering employment opportunities in Fall 2016). "Belonging to MRC is for developing professionals like graduate school is for students." -Dr. Julie Hartman


Refund Policy: Full refund available if participant cancels 2 weeks before event. Cancellations after 5/7/16 may be used as a credit toward future workshops or consultations.

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