Our brains can't discern the difference between good habits and bad habits. It's up to us to know our values and orient our brains to serving us. In our stressed out lifestyles, sometimes what we consider a good habit may not be as rewarding as an even better habit. MRC stays current on the latest research and tools for course-correcting habits to maximize life-long wellness.

I often say how a negative mind is like wearing sunglasses, how it makes everything 'artificially' darker even though there's plenty of brightness to be seen. MRC is about helping us orient our brains toward better 'seeing' the brightness of the life we have while creating a sense of balance too.

After prioritizing survival, the brain directs attention to what it's identified as pleasing to us. One of the ways the brain identifies what pleases us is by what we repeatedly do. I've experienced this! It's why pesky habits can be so hard to break despite intention. MRC helps people highlight and reinforce habits that define a balanced life.

The brain is overly-protective of our survival - outdated from the caveman days. It's up to us to bypass our brain's preference for sticking to the familiar. So, let's push our limits so we can experience the range of options that are in line with the quality of life we want. MRC comfortably stretches comfort zones.

"We Are WHAT We 



"LIFE Begins At The End Of Our Comfort Zone"

                                - Unknown

"Children Must Be TAUGHT HOW To Think,
NOT WHAT To Think."

                        - Margaret Mead

We are often told to 'pay attention', but most of us have never been taught HOW to pay attention. Mindfulness teaches the HOW to pay attention... and as a result, HOW to think. MRC is committed to teaching kids mindfulness.

"Good Habits Are As Addictive As Bad Habits, But Much More REWARDING."

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Check out these quotes that represent elements of the MRC philosophy, as described by our Founder, Dr. Julie Hartman.

"A NEGATIVE Mind Will NEVER Give You

People often feel bullied by their own inner voice. I know I used to. Children in particular take that inner voice very seriously, shaping their sense of self and others. MRC aims to help everyone get to a point of experiencing their 'inner life' as a source of comfort and security to maximize their potential. 

"The Way We TALK To Our CHILDREN Becomes Their INNER VOICE"

                       - Peggy O'Mara

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