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Compassion Fatigue: People in care-taking and/or service-providing positions are at risk of significant reduction in their vitality and health (mental and physical) as a result of being in a role/job whereby their best work is done through their 'heart'. A near 'cousin' to burn-out.


Who's ar risk of Compassion Fatigue?


Parents, Educators, Nurses, Therapists, Doctors, Coaches, etc often find themselves 'running on empty' without the proper and specific recipe of what Dr. Hartman refers to as 'refueling'. And with low to no fuel left, here are ocmmon Compassion Fatigue symptoms:


     - irritability                    - frequent illness                   - poor sleep          


     - self-medicating            - short-tempered              - low pleasure    


          - desiring to 'escape'           - achey            - negative  mood


Dr. Hartman integrates her own brand of mindfulness, attachment, neuroscience, stress reduction and time-tested refueling approaches delivered in her light, playful and practical style. 

Procrastination, Perfectionism & Profit

For Business Professionals


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Mill Valley Community Center

This is a public offering. Space is Limited.

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Star Academy (San Rafael)

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Coming this Summer 2014

The Rennaissance Center

This is a public offering.

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Big barriers to Profit are Procrastination and Perfectionism. They are 2 sides of the same coin... and that coin ain't makin' you money! 


To achieve the kind of peak performance that generates profit, business professionals need to be able to manage those stealthy ways we lose time and efficiency.


Too much about effective business is about decisions and actions. When we excessively chew on a decision and/or we excessively aim for a particular standard before feeling prepared enough to make a decision and as a result, our actions are suspended, there are diminishing returns after a point.


This class is about recognizing when Procrastination and Perfectionism are interfering with work flow, creativity and managing choice points effectively.


Dr. Hartman specializes in anxiety, stress reduction and related productivity and flow. She provides practical tools that are practiced in class and can be immediately implemented to unlock the key to your productivity and profit.


Ranging from small administrative tasks to large-scale project management to business development to leadership, Procrastination and Perfectionism are worth learning how to manage with the same committment as learning how to make a profit.

Growing up is stressful. Being a teenager is stressful. Being parented is stressful. Going to school is stressful. Striving, complying, exploring... and the drama involved... is... stressful.


Add in the digital world and it's unlimited source of learning, playing and interacting... the research has been showing that we have a stress epidemic on our hands that creates problems with sleep, mental health (like depresison/anxiety) and distressing behaviors like cutting, substance use, bad habits, overuse of devices, etc.


After witnessing this in her private practice and hearing this from Pediatricians, parents and colleagues, Dr. Julie Hartman is bringing an evidence-based summer 'intensive' camp to Marin that helps teens learn and experience the benefits of stress reduction methods in a fun, experiential environment.


The research-supported strategies we'll explore and practice are based on Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and neurobiology. Part classroom style and part outside activities, teens will have the opportunity to focus on how to efficiently and properly rest, refuel and reduce stress in their often stress-filled lives.


This is a 5-day 'intensive' to keep the focus clean and clear. But it's delivered in a 90-minute 'dose' each day beginning at 11:30am and ending at 12:30pm, so their other summer activities, such as jobs or social, can be honored as well.  Co-ed. High-functioning. Maximum 10 teens per camp. Space is limited.

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Jobs, careers, making money and self-sufficiency is more achievable than ever before. Teens and Young Adults on the verge of their 'launch' into productive adulthood are leveraged for success when given proper preparation about the possibilities and practicalities for pursuing a job and/or career.


However, our young people are NOT taught job/career prep.... and young people are aware of how confusing the job industry is these days. Our comprehensive system teaches the basics in clear and practical ways, such as


- how to identify job interests and experience needed


- how to conduct an informational interview with a potential hiring professional


- how to construct an authentic resume that represents strengths but doesn't oversell inaccuracies and


- the life skills needed to thrive, such as interpersonal effectiveness, avoiding debt, time management and involving your passion.


Our class is designed specifically for the developmental stage of adolescence and young adulthood by Psychologist and career consultant, Dr. Julie Hartman. In addition, Christine Rodrigues, MBA has distilled and designed time-tested methods for honing on the success fundamentals of what's needed in today's job market.


We'll do exercises, both inside the classroom and outdoors, creating a 'camp' kind of environment. With an emphasis on keeping the class fun, engaging, relatable and valuable, this next generation of employees, entrepreneurs, craftsman, professionals and independent contractors are destined for success.

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Coming this Summer 2014

The Mill Valley Community Center

This is a public offering.

Career Prep for Teens/Young Adults

For Ages 17 - 24


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Session A: June 16 - 20; 11:00am - 12:30pm


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Raising adults 'from scratch' is stressful for both parents and kids/teens. This series of 6 classes is perfect for those seeking more peace in their family life and for parents raising stressed-out kids/teens. Take the whole series or individual classes: 


Class 1: "Listening So Your Child Can Hear You"


                Weds. 5/21/14        6:00pm - 7:15pm 


Class 2: "Parenting in the Digital Age (POSTPONED)

Weds. 6/25/14        6:00pm - 7:15pm 


Class 3: "Dissolving Power Struggles" (POSTPONED)

Weds. 7/30/14        6:00pm - 7:15pm 


Class 4: "Transform School Anxiety/Stress"

Weds. 8/27/14        6:00pm - 7:15pm 


Class 5: "Smooth Transitions"

Weds. 9/17/14        6:00pm - 7:15pm 


Class 6: "Peaceful Feelings in a Stressed-out World"

 Weds. 10/15/14        6:00pm - 7:15pm 


Dr. Hartman integrates her own brand of mindfulness, attachment, neuroscience, stress reduction, positive discipline and time-tested approaches delivered in her light, peaceful and practical style. 

For ages 15 - 19

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