This is about you, but first let's reflect a moment on my parenting...


I have a 10- and an 8-year old...


I remember being in the hospital just as my son was born... new Mom

jitters... and my Pediatrician arrived to check baby AND ME.


What a declaration of support!


And boy, did I need it. He had a kind of 'there-ness' to help us parents help our baby grow.


Pediatricians rock, don't they? You just KNOW to reach out to them, right? It's built-in to our culture.

But Pediatricians are largely trained on bodies. Only a smidgen of training on mental health... just enough to know when to refer out.

Well, what if a 'Mental Health Consultant' (ahem... me!) showed up at the hospital right next to the Pediatrician. The 2 of us helpers check baby and YOU... He's checking the baby's temperature, discussing general physical/medical topics, such as feeding and sleep.

The Mental Health Consultant checks in on Mama's mood, Daddy's stress level... baby's initial temperment.


She visits you at home across the next month... or you visit her at her office with baby.


She's nurturing, skilled at NOT overwhelming you but rather introduces you to topics about baby's feelings, parental satisfaction needs, internal experience of distress and security...

... and as your family grows, she guides and monitors the kids, family and parents... the 'meat and potatoes' of raising the psychological necessities of friendship, respect, emotion regulation and healthy self-expression. That's cool in my experience!


And how great would it be if just like Pediatricians, you just KNOW to reach out to me, huh? Imagine if my role was built into your family culture to help you trouble-shoot, make recommendations, steer you to the right helpers... good stuff!

Since I'm focused on Pediatric Anxiety right now in my practice, if you know that your heritage includes anxiety, maybe the Grandma who was always fretting about safety or maybe Uncle Bob tends to get discombobulated when things aren't done his way... of you all just tend to get especially stressed out about things...

... then, your baby, child, teen or young adult is more likely to be anxiety-prone.

We can meet when you're pregnant, have kids... teenagers, young adults... and any time is a good time to start!

Read on to learn about me - the resume stuff that makes you think 'hmmm, she really seems to know her stuff'.


Read on to learn more about the Mindful Resource Center (MRC)...  Marin's Premiere Pediatric Mental Health & Wellness Resource.

Read on to learn about me - the resume stuff.


Read on to learn more about the Mindful Resource Center (MRC)... 

 your Pediatric Mental Health & Wellness Resource.

Read on to learn more about my free downloadable parent book or get the Amazon paperback here.

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