MRC as a 'concept' emerged in 2009 during my maternity leave with my first born. The combo of being hopped up on oxytocin 'love' hormone, the extra time while he constantly napped... plus missing my profession... turned out to be the perfect climate for the birth of the Mindful Resource Center (MRC).

I knew MRC was to be a community and global RESOURCE offering to all everything I'd learned via my vast experience and training in the field.

I knew MRC was about going from serving one family per hour to serving many families per hour...

But then the 'name' appeared one day when I was at a Spirit Rock talk...

Three (3) hardened life-long San Quentin prisoners sat next to the speaker, telling their stories about how compassion practices had softened them and they were now all about service to helping others...

It was seriously like in the movies... music crescendo'd in my ears, my heart swelled in my chest and the name of my new birth child squealed enthusiastically in my mind...



You see... back in 2009, Mindfulness (paying attention on purpose with compassion in the present moment) wasn't a magazine topic yet. Places like Spirit Rock taught mindfulness as a medication practice and I was sold! My first experience felt like a no-brainer, I thought... 'mindfulness a.k.a. mindful awareness... is THE pre-requisite to mental health... and to compassion!'


And I had to add this into my work with families.


Imagine if mindful awareness could be woven into a child's foundational lessons... a neurobiological pathway through which all education, relationships, self-development and self-expression funneled?!


I was so moved how these prisoners' mental health... their entire life path... was course corrected for the better by...


Participating in group therapy.

Learning compassion in the present moment... on purpose.

Creating a new neurobiolgical pathway for well-being.

With tattoos up their necks, slang talk and a sort of swagger, they talked about how it wasn't being a monk, it wasn't being all 'flowery' and hippy (their words)... they learned how to be healthy and caring from the inside out.


THAT'S what the Mindful Resource Center (MRC) is all about.


So, I proceeded to develop curriculum... engaged in rigorous public-speaking training with masters in the field, did talks and trainings as 'practice' for the 'real thing...


In 2014, I started the process of founding a local Pediatric Mental Health and Wellness Center and by 2016, I brought on and trained my first Clinicians in my sought-after therapy model 'Attachment-based, Mindfulness-oriented, Developmentally-supportive Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (AMDCBT).














So... what now for MRC... ?

Dr. Julie doesn't stop her passion for service when on Leave, right... ? MRC was born on my maternity leave... similarly on this Leave, I'm writing 2 more books in the midst of treatment... re-branding... meeting with a business coach... in order to continue the offerings for which MRC stands.

So... peruse these web pages, check out what's available to you now here... and let's stay in touch for ways we can connect upon my return.

By 2018, the local Center had 5 Clinicians.

Meanwhile, I provided services at local schools, held my own private practice

full of improving clients... and wrote my first book 'Devoted Moms, Anxious Kids: The 5 Shifts Needed To Ease Your Child's Anxiety & Empower Your Family'.

Then... a tragedy hit.


I had to take this darn Medical Leave of Absence.

I suspended MRC TEMPORARILY to address some health matters (for which my docs expect a full recovery).

© 2019 Julie Hartman, PhD. All rights reserved.

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