What is Mindfulness?



Most of us know the importance of 'paying attention' with regards to learning, productivity and getting what we want out of life. But most of us are not taught 'how to' pay attention. 


Mindfulness is a type of paying attention, of being aware, gently and curiously.


No matter what we are tasked with paying attention to,  when we can use the skill of mindfulness, our experience of the situation is more clear and less taxing. With practice, mindfulness has been shown to actually retrain the brain to approach learning, productivity and fulfillment with a gentleness that lowers stress.


Like most skills, you might experience mindfulness a few times and 'get it', you might practice and practice overtime and get really good being mindful, you choose to use mindfulness occasionally or choose to use it as a primary way of life.

The Mindful Resource Center (MRC) - A community hub for enhancing brains with fulfilling results.

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MRC has many, many ways for people to experience, learn, practice and use mindfulness so be sure to check out our offerings to improve what experts are calling a life-enhancing human superability!

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