Individual Consultation

"Julie Hartman has been an amazing consultant. I have learned so much from her. Dr. Hartman has been incredibly supportive—from helping me to develop professionally to strategizing about complex cases.  Her advice is of the highest quality, and easily applied to a range of circumstances. The consultation I have received has benefited both my professional development as well as my clients. I hold her in very high regard and recommend her services." -T.R. Clinical Psychologist


  •  Interns & Pre-/Post-licensure 


  • Tues - Fri 9:00am - 1:00pm

  • $190/50-min session

  • Up to 3 participants can divide cost for a 'mini-group' with more individual attention (full fee)

  • Attend in person or online

"Thank you for considering individual consultation. I used it back in the day (and still do). It really helps! I'll be devoted to your evolution... we can review/consult about your cases, business development, getting your practice launched/established, career development... and because I'll be getting to know your psychotherapy style intimately, I'll be more poised for referring you appropriate cases. It's a win-win-win. And while I get it... it's an investment and a big chunk of moolah... especially when you're income isn't strong yet, the amount of clients you will untlimately attract and retain is a worthy return on your investment (ROI). And because I never want money to be a deterrant, I welcome you to invite like-minded colleagues into our session to divide the expense and/or I can try to match you with others who are interested. Please join me and our MRC community!" - Dr. Julie Hartman



  • Group leader (volunteer participant) coordinates dates for each participant to present a Professional Identity/Career Development topic that he/she is addressing, such as 'branding', marketing, referrals, financials, solo practice vs. group practice, self-promotion, confidence/vulnerability, laws/ethics

  • Dr. Hartman offers specific coaching/consultation, including recommendations, examples, exercises and modeling to help participants make progress on their goals 

  • Participant asks Dr. Hartman clarifying questions and/or Dr. Hartman will ask follow-up questions based on goals or previous sessions.

Example for case consultation:


  • After treating a child for several months for depression, you begin to suspect a possible phobia/OCD and you're seeking help deciding if you can try to treat it with additional consultation or if it makes sense to refer client to an Anxiety Disorder specialist in evidence-based treatments, such as CBT, ERP (and if it makes sense for you to treat case, Dr. Hartman can consult with you about specific treatment techniques to use throughout your treatment process to help you achieve desired results.

  • You've been working with an adult for several months and he asks if his wife can join a session to discuss their marital issues. Dr. Hartman can review the options, rationale for referring to marital therapy vs. inviting the wife into the therapy and managing professional/treatment boundaries.

  • You're fairly certain the client is about to 'fire you' based on conflicts that have bene emerging in the session. You and Dr. Hartman can decode the multiple legal, ethical and clinical variables involved and how to proceed.

  • To the extent you wish, Dr. Hartman may also assist with the personal side of your work with a particular case, should you wish for or require support on a more perosnal level (NOT therapy, but a sounding board, Dr. Hartman is in YOUR corner to support YOU).


Example with professional/career development:


  • You're clear about the mechanics of starting your private practice, but continue to experience anxiety about the launching process. Dr. Hartman will use her particular expertise to help you develop the skills for embodying comfort, which helps to spark action. In this situation, you will NOT be doing 'therapy' with Dr. Hartman. Instead, using a consultation model, she'll provide various exercises, practices and skill-building techniques so that across sessions, you'll have your launching process supported for optimal success.

  • You're trying to determine your 'niche', therapietic model(s), what you want to 'do' with clients. Dr. Hartman can take you through a strategic discovery and experiential process for clarifying these areas.

  • You're not sure what to charge, money aspect is elusive, how to share your value with authority. Dr. Hartman can consult about money logistics, providing you with 'scripts' to use while also consulting about the professional identity development involved with emobodying your value.


Sample benefits:


  • Your client seems to be going thorugh X phase of his development and given the depression influence, consider adding Y and Z exercises into the session... let's practice what that looks like.

  • Keep up the great work with the reflection you're doing with her and consider adding A, B and C as a way to move him from being so much in his 'head' (thinking) and not enough in his 'heart' (sensing, feeling). Consider trying this diagram I'll show you here on my white board to teach your client about the brain-body connection.

  • Make decisions about starting points, i.e. "Given your experience, consider the following 30-second summary of who you are and what you offer, then consider joining X association and contact the Director to ask about Y opportunities... this will help you 'try it on' to begin building more public self-promotion 'muscles'"

  • Become more skillful in authentic presence while also maintaining clear professional boundaries, ethics, i.e. "What's your story? What's a time in your personal life that makes you be able to build specific rapport with clients? Here's an example of mine. I may not ever tell this to people... but through professional identity work, I've learned to embody it so my unique power from that story comes across." 

  • Organize your assets i.e. "Make a mind-map of your assets... I'll do it here on the white board to get you started..."

  • Learn and practice calculated risks, i.e. "Let's explore which risks you're ready for, which feel too scary and why, then let's create a hierarchy of what step/risk makes sense to do next."

  • In addition to Dr. Hartman's consultation, she will provide examples from her own work and others she's mentoring (protecting confidentiality of course).


Contact Dr. Hartman to discuss ways she may be able to support you.

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