Founder, Lead Instructor and Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Julie Hartman, offers a combo of relatable wisdom, professional experience, neuroscience and a playful spirit in everything she offers. Rich with evidence-based insights and tools, Dr. Hartman's style is light, inspiring and simple.


Dr. Hartman: "These days both adults, Practioners and youth have minds

that are so full... all the time! 

I’m mindful not to add more for them to have to do…

...instead, our videos, workshops, and writings aim to  make your day-to-day more efficient, meaningful and prosperous… and ultimately with less stress!

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Focus on What Matters Most
Bring Out the Best in Each Other
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The Mindful Resource Center (MRC) - A community hub for enhancing brains with fulfilling results.

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"Julie’s parenting knowledge and style made it easy for me to improve my parenting. I Highly recommend her!”  

~ Molly, Parent

Julie’s class taught me better stress management ... I'm happier now. I’ll be attending more…”

~ Blake, Business Manager

"This work is remarkable. I’ve been feeling the benefits of enhanced communication from your class and, indeed, increased relational presence. Again, thank you, Julie.”

~ Gabriel, Therapist

Mindful Resource Center (MRC) offers self- improvement resources for Modern Parents, Youth, Educators and Practitioners.

"It's evident that her career flows from her soul and I think that must be why her work is so magnetic and successful. I will definitely look for other opportunities to learn from Dr. Hartman. "

~ Abigail, MFT Intern

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