"Belonging to MRC is for professionals like graduate school is for students… " - Dr. Julie Hartman

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WELCOME! So glad you're committed to manifesting your thriving wellness career. Graduate School got you from point A to point B, right? You entered with a vision, a dream... a desire to help others, to make a good living at it... ?


Graduate School provided you with a ROADMAP - go here, do this class, apply for this internship, work with this supervisor... timelines for doing so... and mentorship, yes? 


Graduate School helped you BECOME a psychotherapist with advanced education, skills, boundaries, etc... but THEN WHAT? Where'd your ROADMAP go? Eeek!


If you're like Dr. Hartman was after graduation... all wide-eyed, passionate and proud... then crash, bam, boom... instant overwhelming paralysis without that ROADMAP, she and MRC are here to offer that for you. Mentorship and support are essential ingredients for transforming from student to professional... are you ready? Contact us.


We're here when you're ready for a ROADMAP. Click here to learn more about our ROADMAP offerings.

WE GET IT! MRC is dedicated to supporting practioners in their most important endeveavor... supporting their clients. And you know the whole airplane adage, "put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before the child", well MRC is also dedicated to supporting practioners in their equally, if not more important, endeavor... supporting the practioner. Because without sound business practices, a trusted, ethical support system and professional-level self-care techniques, being a practioner isn't sustainable. We help you make 'all things practioner' sustainable, profitable, effective and rewarding ACROSS YOUR CAREER LIFESPAN.


Practioners have so much growing wisdom... yet so many responsibilities - we strive to help practioners learn to get their mission achieved and maintain those responsibilities with as much ease as possible in the flow of their business. We synthesize key professional and business information and consolidate it into tips and tricks that help practioners embody a professional identity that is unique, authentic, comfortable, competent and that breeds lasting success.

Education... and Consultation... boosts confidence, enhances expertise and provides the opportunities to strategize for best outcomes. Dr. Hartman and our growing MRC team of experts provide education and consultation to psychotherapists about treatment, technique, professional practice, professional development, business and career evolution.

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