I pursued a doctoral education at the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University due to the program's attachment, child, and family life emphasis which served as the unifying core of my training.

What's all this hub-bub about attachment for me?


I figured out young that attachment is literally the underpinning of mental health. You'll see in my extra education below, 'Attachment'  - and it's biological, hereditary underpinnings - is the common denominator of what I bring to the table.


Here's the thing... humans are 'pack' animals. We 'tend and befriend', live and function in groups and are highly distracted when relationships are strained... and that's because our biological, evolutionary roots created an 'attachment system' (akin to our cardiovascular system or muscularskeletalsystem) that helps us not only thrive... but survive in this vulnerable human race. So to be as helpful as I can in my Pediatric Psychologist evolution, I simply had to be mentored by some of the best in the field.


I added into my doctoral education a simultaneous year-long specialized training in Attachment evaluation and research at Stanford University.


Not stopping there, I gained an additional and simultaneous year-long once-in-a-lifetime training from one of THE leading Attachment specialists via UC Berkeley.

I was also thrilled to learn from one of the Pioneers in 'Oxytocin' research at UCSF in another simultaneous year-long program (Oxytocin is the 'cuddle hormone' that shows up in every intimate attachment interactions between humans - I'm apparently an Oxytocin junkie!).


Read more here about my professional world if you care to use up another few minutes of your precious time.

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