Parent Consultation

"I'm having a hard time with parenting... what should I do to make things better?

"I need help supporting my teen daughter through this transition."

"My 5 year-old melts-down all the time. Is it me, him? Something needs to be done about it...

Bravo for making it this far on your quest for what's right for your child/teen's well-being! Dr. Hartman frequently suggests consultation when you are not sure whether to do therapy, coaching, or another process in order to help your child/teen with a specific problem. A consultant will help identify the key information and aid you in making a decision about next steps - called an ACTION PLAN.


Our MRC Clinicians provide consultation on the topics of parenting, life transitions and ways to support your teen's CBT work. Consultation may involve one session, several sessions, and/or follow-up sessions in order to fine-tune the action plan. Just like you might consult your Physician about your migraines or recent vision changes, our MRC Clinicians are also Consultants who can help you determine a series of action steps to take to get to the bottom of things and do what's needed to support your child's/adolescent's wellness.


Contact us to discuss the possibility of Consultation for you on behalf of your child/teen.

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