CBT-based Skills Training Groups for Young Adults

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Dr. Hartman often recommends a CBT-based Skills Training Group for one of those valuable life-enhancing experiences, whether as part of treatment and/or for enrichment.


Our MRC Clinicians provide CBT-based Skills Training Groups for on the topics of anxiety, social-emotional learning (SEL) and ways to support  CBT work. Our Skills Groups are 50-minutes starting with (1) review of homework from the prior week, (2) a 'skill of the week' lesson and (3) practice of the new skill. Some skills take only one session to learn whereas other skills may be taught across several weeks. All of our groups are creativity-based, designed to inspire you to be engaged and empowered in your journey to well-being.

Registration for our CBT -based Skills Training Groups include:

  • a hand-out with a list of skills/week and brief descriptions and 'how tos' for homework and practice

  • quarterly 'check-in' to update about your needs and progress

  • this is NOT a 'process' group' - there is limited private sharing of personal experiences... this group is a place to learn skills for feeling good and worrying less.

  • To learn more about our 'process' groups, click here.


Contact us to discuss the possibility of a CBT-based Skills Training Group for you.

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