How many of us feel the haunting echo of 'knowing' but 'not doing'?

Self-care can be a head game.

After a hospital scare (and related Medical Leave of absence),

I now know what I didn't know.


I became 'lopsided'.

I knew plenty about evaluation, treatment-planning and technique.

But, somehow work started taking over my life.

It was soooooo stealthy!

We need more professional development...

and mentorship...

and accountability partnering...

on the 'doing' part of building our professional world

AROUND our health, our lives, our family.


Ok...we know that too...


Guess what the ratio is of you knowing your needs vs. supporting your needs?

80% knowing your needs, 50% supporting them?


Mine was 40% knowing my needs and 20% supporting them. And I thought I'd get an A+ on both. 

Most of us are smart at our jobs but kinds clueless when it comes to our needs and how to support them.


It's a societal thing.

So stay tuned...

I'm in the process of becoming a CEU/CME facilitator so you can get the credits while walking alongside me in embodying the behavioral steps to protecting your health, your life, your family.

What might that look like?

I'm not talking about a class where you show up, play games or do work on your iPad and bam... CEU/CME's are dialed. That has a place in our dockets for sure, but my classes are engaging and experiential.

I'm here to provide professional development that cultivate the balance needed for a sustainable, adaptive practice that supports your life and doesn't take over your life.

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