Here's how Pediatric Anxiety lands in your work life:

  • You specialize in Pediatric Anxiety

  • You specialize in Pediatrics

  • You work with Adults, some who are anxiety-prone

  • You want to refer a parent for consultation about childhood/teen anxiety in their home

  • You do family work

  • You're an Elementary School Educator or Counselor

  • You're a Middle School Educator or Counselor

  • You're a high school educator or Counselor

  • You're a Pediatrician

  • You have an anxiety-prone child or teen that's adding stress at work

So how do we come to work together? We have choices!

We set up an appointment with my Consultancy Practice in Greenbrae and we take it from there...

You follow my Facebook page where I add tips and tricks that fit for both parents and Practitioners/Educators/Pediatricians.

And... someday, my mission is to become a CEU/CME facilitator so you can get the credits while walking alongside me to further your education in Anxiety Literacy and skillfully addressing it.

The thing is... it's way too easy, a slipperly slope... for therapists or educators or physicians to become what I call 'an Unknowing Accomplice to making the pediatric anxiety worse' either by enabling, doing nothing about it and hoping it goes away or if you are interested in referring,  you get overwhelmed about who to refer to.

I'm here to empower you to nip pediatric anxiety in the bud so youth learn to manage anxiety and grow confidence. Let's do this.

Megan says: "Consultation is an ethical mandate to maintain our positions, whether it's a License to practice or a Teaching position... we're required to do no harm and do our jobs well. I'm so glad I worked with Dr. Hartman... a bit of background... I had several clients over the years who were within my scope of practice but had a few areas of problematic anxiety that were actually outside my scope of training, experience and practice. So I hired Julie to fill in those gaps. I continued to work with those clients at the same time, making sure I wasn't an Unknowing Accomplice to maintaining or making the anxiety worse and being Anxiety Literate with told and techniques for improving the clients experience and skillfulness. Julie is easy to work with, funny, relatable and most importantly, a WEALTH of information! She had an answer for everything I needed. I'll continue to reach out to her in the future."

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