I held the following roles at these locations:

Counselor, Group Therapist, Consult-Liaison, Pediatric Therapist, Parent Consultant, Family Therapist, Meds Coordinator alongside Psychiatrist, Treatment-planner, Outreach Coordinator, Chief Psychologist

NOW, I'm all about EMPOWERING PARENTS, THERAPISTS AND EDUCATORS in what I call 'Anxiety Literacy'.

Anxiety Literacy is the ability to skillfully interpret the needs that are driving the anxiety to then skillfully respond in a therapeutic way that achieves desired results.

But there's a common dynamic with kids & teens...

Most parents and therapists are what I call 'Unknowing Accomplices to making the anxiety worse' until they get properly educated by someone like me on Anxiety Literacy.

It's no one's fault. Our society doesn't teach this stuff! And in my book, I share how I learned this the hard way with my daughter. :-)

And what do we all want for

our anxiety-prone kids and teens (I have 2 in my family!):







AI'm a resource to help you achieve your parenting goals...


Funneling from founding a successful 5-Clinician Center supporting close to 200 families per year, my Consultancy Practice now harnesses my pre-Center and post-Center services - that's over 20 years where I've been supporting children, teens, adults and parents with a direct, short-term, evidence-based inspired approach, known as Attachment-based, Mindfully-attentive, Developmentally Supportive Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (AMDCBT).

In addition, I'm continuing to provide education for the whole community below, so be sure to check that out...


I've developed courses, books (free or via Amazon) and services to parents and practitioners rooted in attachment-based topics to improve anxiety in and outside the home.

I published a parenting book titled "Devoted Moms, Anxious Kids: The 5 Shifts Needed To Ease Your Child's Anxiety and Empower Your Family". To learn more, click here.

Plus, I started a FREE online educational community for parents - so be sure to join here.


And for funzies, I'm in the process of writing the 2nd book of my Parent Series to empower parents in providing a therapeutic approach for addressing their child or teens anxiety in a way that gets desired results in the family.

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