Parent-Child Psychotherapy


"We love each other deeply, but we fight all the time over little things."

"My daughter's anxiety makes it hard for her to trust, even me."

"My wife and I just want our son to help create reasonable rules for screen time, but he keeps shutting us out."

It's wonderful you're considering Parent-Child psychotherapy for you and your child. It is often common that the relationship between the parent and child benefits from attention. Instead of focusing solely on parenting techniques or solely on children's problems, child-parent therapy focuses on the interactions between the parent and child. In addition, Parent-Child psychotherapy is a useful way for parents to learn how to extend the benefits of CBT from the session and into the home, what we refer to as 'therapeutic parenting'.

Parent-Child Psychotherapy can be a relatively short-term treatment or longer-term, depending on the needs and goals. The mother-child, father-child and/or mother-father/co-parenting partners meet with the child in weekly meetings with Dr. Julie Hartman in her office. In some circumstances, it may be useful to conduct a session in the family's home.

The psychotherapist acts as a participant and observer to offer corrective opportunities. This means that the Clinician often participates with and observes the parent(s) and child in an activity or discussion, while also applying therapeutic techniques to facilitate the development of new relationship skills.

Parent-Child Psychotherapy often explicitly conveys to the child that the parent has a unique role to be respected and validated. Helpful discipline, boundaries, structuring, and collaboration skills are identified, taught, and practiced together in the session. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques are used, such as ''homework' to further work outside of sessions.

The Parent-Child Psychotherapy approach is also used as an evaluation tool to help develop an action plan of recommendations for improvement.

Parent-Child Psychotherapy differs from Family Therapy - the latter is a more in depth re-organization of family dynamics.


Contact us to discuss the possibility of Parent-Child therapy for you/your child.

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