Professional Identity/Career Development Consultation Group

"I am really excited by the opportunity and possibilities borne by MRC - like you, I believe it will be such a needed platform to support early licensure practitioners like myself launch effectively and impactfully!" - Rachel, MFT Intern with only 160 hours until completion


  •  Interns & Pre-/Post-licensure 


  • 1st Thurs of the month

       10:00am - 11:10am

  • 8-session package, $40/session, paid in full

  • Minimum 8+ participants

  • Attend in person or online

"Thank you for considering our group - I'm devoted to each and every participant's professional path. I set a strong container, keep it semi-structured... and my top goal is professional and emotional safety. While this is a didactic group, I often invite participants to use the group for a degree of processing in the service of professional development. I'll give lessons, particpants ask questions or share progress and I offer my consultation in response. What you put into the group is what you'll get out of it. Oh... and I assign homework between meetings that inspires you to stretch your comfort zone, lazer-focus on your goals and achieve the professional and career results you're pursuing. I credit my consultation group for helping me get to where I am today! Join us!" - Dr. Julie Hartman



  • Group leader (volunteer participant) coordinates dates for each participant to present a Professional Identity/Career Development topic that he/she is addressing, such as 'branding', marketing, referrals, financials, solo practice vs. group practice, self-promotion, confidence/vulnerability, laws/ethics

  • Dr. Hartman offers specific coaching/consultation, including recommendations, examples, exercises and modeling to help participants make progress on their goals 

  • Participants ask Dr. Hartman clarifying questions and she'll faciliate the opportunity for participants to engage in 'cross-talk' or offer each other suggestions on topic


Sample benefits:


  • Make decisions about starting points, i.e. "Given your experience, consider the following 30-second summary of who you are and what you offer, then consider joining X association and contact the Director to ask about Y opportunities... this will help you 'try it on' to begin building more public self-promotion 'muscles'"

  • Become more skillful in authentic presence while also maintaining clear professional boundaries, ethics, i.e. "What's your story? What's a time in your personal life that makes you be able to build specific rapport with clients? Here's an example of mine. I may not ever tell this to people... but through professional identity work, I've learned to embody it so my unique power from that story comes across." 

  • Organize your assets i.e. "Make a mind-map of your assets... I'll do it here on the white board to get you started..."

  • Learn and practice calculated risks, i.e. "Let's explore which risks you're ready for, which feel too scary and why, then let's create a hierarchy of what step/risk makes sense to do next."

  • In addition to Dr. Hartman's consultation, the group format offers the opportunity to learn from each other's development as well


Contact Dr. Hartman to discuss ways she may be able to support you.

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