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Welcome! So glad you're committed to your well-being! Dr. Hartman always says "Everyone benefits from therapy, some people need it". So, let's get you the benefits... and see what you need.


Psychotherapists require specialized training and experience. For instance, ages 16, 26 and 46 years old will vary significantly in development phase, communication and execution abilities. Therapy tends to take between 12 - 50 sessions, sometimes more, sometimes less. Click here to learn more...

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about when to choose psychotherapy


Congrats on exploring the role of coaching in your well-being! Our Clicians wish that in an ideal world, EVERYONE would have a 'wellness coach'. We've all had one... it's awesome for growing and manifesting your dreams!


Coaching is different than therapy. Coaching is often focused on solutions, dreams, life goals and performance enhancement. Therapy is often focused on healing, treatment and restoring functioning. Click here to learn more...

CBT-based Skills Training Group

Bravo for making it this far on your quest for what's right for your well-being!


Dr. Hartman often recommends a CBT-based Skills Training Group for one of those valuable life-enhancing experiences, whether as part of treatment and/or for enrichment.

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Parent Consultation

Bravo for making it this far on your quest for what's right for your child/teen's well-being!


Our Clinicians frequently suggest consultation when you are not sure whether to do therapy, coaching, or another process in order to help your child/teen with a specific problem. A parent consultant will help identify the key information and aid you in making a decision about next steps - called an ACTION PLAN. Click here to learn more...

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