I'm Dr. Julie and I'm so glad you're here.

After founding a Pediatric Mental Health & Wellness Center, known fondly as the Mindful Resource Center (MRC), I discovered how many parents are seeking (and benefiting from) consultation for raising their bright, sensitive and anxiety-oriented child or Teen. With over two decades of experience, I've honed my specialty as a Parent Consultant of anxiety-prone kids and teens... read more here for the 'resume' stuff.

I was raised in Marin County, have 2 glorious kids (not always glorious!), a loving hubby, a chicken and a dog.


I'm a Parent Book Author , Educator plus created an online community for supporting parents. I've provided talks and trainings to parents, Pediatricians, Educators and fellow therapists in the community.

And... I use my experience having inherited and extra dose of sensitivity and anxiety (and passed it to my kids)... so I get it on not only a professional level, but also on a personal and parenting level.

When I'm not writing books, consulting with parents or therapists, creating courses or taking care of my health, I enjoy nature... and crafting... and ideally crafting in nature or using nature supplies to craft.

What do I mean by 'Child and Teen Consultancy for Parents and Therapists'... ?


What if we treated anxiety the same way we treat a persistent cough or ear ache? No stigma, just a good relationship with your doc.

Well, I've come to this conclusion...

All families can benefit from... what I refer to as...

A Pediatric Mental Health 'Consultant'.

And in my consultancy practice,

I help parents (and therapists and educators and pediatricians)

who have anxiety-prone children or teens at home or work.

Read more if you're curious about the kind of resource I can be for you and your family... let's partner up!

Here's a photo example! My then 4 year-old son creating art using nature supplies... in nature. This was at Crissy Fields in San Francisco.

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