3 Tips for Watching TV with Your Kids

You know you’re on the right track with parenting kids in the digital age when you all like the same children’s show. But many of us adults are bored to futility with kid’s TV shows. It’s quite a feat for producer’s to create shows that can appeal to both kids and their parents.


It can be difficult for the adults in charge to maintain an authentic interest in and delight in their digital world with stamina that endures. As a result, adults often don’t stay with kids during their child shows or adults may expose their kids to shows that are ‘too mature’ for their children in the quest for togetherness in the digital world, and in the case of this example, around the television.


One of the biggest challenges of parenting is keeping our lives catered enough toward a child-centered world. When a child is pushed too far beyond their capability, they are less likely to bring the necessary abilities into the situation to experience success. And when it comes to the digital age, it’s even harder for us (and them) to have a sense of what’s the right ‘zone’ for their chance at successful experiences.


One of the ways to help make the child’s television world more ‘stimulating’ to adult brains is by paying attention in different ways.

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